04 August 2006

Moving: D Minus Four

Moving day minus four.

Today's word is "dust" d-u-s-t. Not a good thing when you have chronic sinus problems and are allergic to dust.

The post-carrier (the one who delivers packages - do you think we've had too many packages delivered these last three years?) gave us a "good bye and hope you enjoy your new home" card. That was touching.


Rev Paul Martin said...

I remember it well when we moved to Bideford. I hate moving.

I hope it is as bearable an experience as possible. You are certainly moving to a very nice part of the country.

September won't be long!

PamBG said...

I like closure so I'll be happy when the move is completed this coming Wednesday.

Thanks for your good wishes. It IS a very nice part of the country and I'm looking forward to being there. :-)

Sally said...


PamBG said...

Books for me. DVD's for Wonderful Husband. :-)