24 April 2012

Ornery Christianity - Take Up Your Cross

Take Up Your Cross

I can't think of anywhere that Jesus preaches anything along the lines of "If you follow me wholeheartedly, you will build a large and successful denomination that millions will flock to" or "If you follow me faithfully, you will build a large and successful charity that will wipe out hunger in your lifetime."

20 April 2012

Blatant Crowd-Sourcing

Blatant crowd-sourcing.

What questions would you ask a Christian minister if you could ask anything? Leave questions in the comments section and I'll do my best.

10 April 2012

Compassionate Christianity: Love Your Neighbor. Love your self. Some thoughts on a compassionate and balanced approach to the Great Commandment.

Marta's Story

On Good Friday, I had an amazing encounter with a 100 year old woman of faith who had spent the day testifying to her family about the message she had been given of God's love while she was dying. I hope you find the story as inspiring as I did. Read Marta's Story.

05 April 2012