02 August 2006

Moving: D minus Six

We're moving. Some of you knew that.

Two "In Real Life" friends who I only recently learned read my blog said via email "I feel like I know what's going on because I read your blog." So I'm waving to R in New York and M in London.

But what do you say about moving? It's messy. It's disorderly. Wonderful Husband T is running around packing boxes and generally being organised. The post-carrier remarked that the skip (dumpster) outside our house was the neatest skip she'd ever seen.

I suspect that T and I are probably less flustered by moving than many people, but T is definitely less anxious about the whole thing than I am. I think we're both looking forward to where we're going and I'm quite excited (as well as apprehensive) about being a new minister. It's just hard to leave London and hard to leave the friends I've made after almost 18 years here.

But, at the end of the day, moving is moving. I don't have a lot of insightful reflections on the process. Unless "Arrrrrgggghhh!" qualifies as an insightful reflection.


Sally said...

Hope all goes well for you Pam- blessings in your new appointment- you will make a wonderful, insightful and compassionate minister... and even better, you are in Gods hands

PamBG said...

Thank you Sally! :-)