05 August 2006

Moving: D Minus Three

Airing Cupboard

You know its getting serious when the airing cupboard starts emptying.

Yesterday, I was feeling quite sad about leaving North London behind. Even though I'm excited to be getting to Kidderminster, leaving is still sad. I've actually lived in London for as long as I lived in Cleveland, Ohio - the city where I was born. So, as an adult, I've lived in London the longest of any single city.

Yesterday (Friday), I went for a walk and was feeling sad about leaving. Friends M and G1 and I had just had dinner together on Thursday. G1 lives just down the street and, as I was walking, I ran into her husband, G2. He said "Hi, how's the move going?" Poor guy, I chose that moment to burst into tears. But he was quite good about it. Even looking forward to going, leaving is emotional stuff. Today is Wonderful Husband's last day at work in the London store.

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Sally said...

Wow Pam- I do understand the airing cupboard thing- praying that all goes smoothly for your move