27 May 2008

Mind My Own Business?

If you are an Anglican layperson or an Anglican clergyman and you support women as bishops, there are two petitions that are circulating. Links to both can be found at Thinking Anglicans. That's all, folks.

Update: Dave Walker has posted one of his wonderful cartoons on this subject at The Church Times Blog

Ban Cluster Bombs

Avaaz.org is sponsoring a campaign to ban Cluster Bombs.

Here is a link to
send a letter urging the banning of cluster bombs to the appropriate person in your country.

25 May 2008

Thanking God

On a few other blogs I've shared the fact that someone I love very much has been struggling with excruciating pain due to a deteriorating spine with arthritis. I realise that I have not shared that information here.

After a month of pain that was almost literally unbearable despite the doctors' efforts at pain relief, it seems that my loved one has got some small relief and, whilst still in very bad pain, is able to concentrate on everyday life. (The pain was so bad before that this person couldn't actually hold a conversation or concentrate on anything.)

I'm thanking God for this mercy and I've been impressed with my loved one's ability to see God at work even though their prayer to take the pain away completely was not granted.

(N.b. this post is a genuine expression of thanksgiving and should not be construed as an expression of opposition toward healing ministries; thank you for your understanding and diplomacy.)

Sermon Blogging - God's Good Gifts

I've posted today's sermon over on my Sermon Blog: God's Good Gifts

24 May 2008

Service of Public Testimony

Service of Public Testimony
for Revd Pam Garrud and Revd Samuel Uwimana
will take place at
Trinity Methodist Church, Kidderminster
on Friday 6th June 2008, 7:30 pm
This is an open service and everyone is invited.

The Service of Public Testimony is a District event
held in the Kidderminster and Stourport Circuit
for these two ministers from
the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District.

Pam and Samuel will be received into full connexion
at Methodist Conference on 6th July 2008
and Pam will be ordained in Beverly later that day.
(ordination by ticket only)

Here, Teacher, Here!

Someone on another blog asked where I am. I've reached a point of mental and emotional weariness. I haven't had a proper day off in awhile. It's one of the casualties of ministry and it's totally my fault. When your office is at home it's easy to think that you have the energy to do just one more task. But going for many weeks without 24 hours off catches up.
I'm looking forward to a number of days off soon. The Kidderminster Choral Society is going to be sending a contingent to our Twinned Town, Husum Germany, where we will be singing with the Theodor Storms Chor.
I didn't realise until doing a web search that the women wear liturgical stoles! :-)
I'm looking forward to the time off and the singing.

18 May 2008

Sermon Blogging

Catching up on my sermon blogging:

A sermon for the 6th Sunday of Easter:
Not a Private Kingdom

A sermon for Pentecost Sunday:
Pentecost Mission

A sermon for Trinity Sunday:
Trinity and Community

06 May 2008

Pentecost Thought

A Pentecost thought from Goldie Milgram as cited in an old issue of Living Pulpit: 'Pentecost is asking God how we should be with our freedom.'
Also thinking about 'Pentecost as initiation' 
'Pentecost as that which happens when you know you have to change or die'.