13 August 2006


I’m not sure if I have any more words of wisdom about moving into a new house than about moving out. The whole thing is just hard work.

The new house has gone from looking like it’s a storage facility to looking like it’s been hit by a hurricane. And that’s definitely an improvement! (See photo below.)

But it’s not all bad. (See photo below.)

I’m not allowed to appear at the churches to which I’ve been assigned until the 1st of September, so this morning I went to the local Anglican church. The churchwardens, R and B were very friendly and introduced me to a number of people and then I found myself part of the parish announcements.

The area is quite attractive and the people are very friendly. Twice over the last few days we’ve had shop assistants approach us and ask if they could help! I’m also finding that people are asking about my American accent and that it’s helping to start conversations.

I’m still on dial-up, though, and won’t get broadband sorted for probably another two weeks or so.


Michael Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. said...

I hate unpacking, but what a beautiful spot for a first assignment. And you have the rest of the month to find your way around and get to know the area before taking up your duties. Cool.

Rev Paul Martin said...

Interesting that you are not to appear at your future churches before Sept 1st. I attended both of mine in advance and gained from it.

Still, I can see the dangers of getting dragged in and you will see plenty of those churches in next 5 years.

I hated moving with all the tedious things that had to be done. So I sure feel for you at this moment.

Anyhow, enjoy getting to know the area without having to keep asking where things will fit in after Sept 1st. You will get those answers soon enough once September arrives.

PamBG said...

Thanks, michael and TC for the good wishes.

TC, I was wondering if this was a Connexional thing or a local thing and you've answered my question! There are some unusual circumstances here that may explain the request, but I don't want to talk about those "in public" because it's not really to do with me or my circumstances. (Nothing sinister or negative, though.)

Sally said...

Glad you arrived saftley Pam- hope the unpacking and sorting won't take too long- what a view, is that from your house???