23 July 2008

Those Christian Bookshops

I'm late to this piece of news as I've had (still have) a fairly nasty bug and have only been able to do the bare minimum since last Thursday.

A number of Methodist bloggers have already reported about the silencing of Dave Walker on the subject of the decimation of the former 'SPCK' bookshops. The blog 'Connexions' provides a number of links
here.  Dave Walkers's posts on this subject have been characteristic of his style: factual, humorous and gentle. 

The anonymous blog Asingleblog's Weblog
provides further information as well as a a prayer for Stephen Jeynes, the manager of the Worcester shop who took his own life. My husband and I talked to Stephen in the shop about a month before he died. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Further words fail me in the face of what has been a terrible tragedy for many people.

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