11 July 2008

A Testimony of Hope

I hope that this is not an inappropriate post, but I trust that it is not from what I knew of my cyber-friend.

Read for yourself
an inspiring testimony in the face of death.

I never met Delle in person although I spoke to her on the phone once. We met on a Christian discussion group: Delle, a gifted writer and an inspiring preacher. A Roman-Catholic, African-American lay-woman whose priest allowed her to exercise her God-given gift in the pulpit despite a proscription against lay preachers.

Back in 2003, I worked on a preaching journal and I thought that Delle would make an inspiring contributor. She did. This publication paid a small honorarium to its contributors and I decided to write Delle a personal cheque in American dollars. Sadly, that's how I found out about her death: she'd never cashed the cheque and it was returned to me by post by her executor. 

Delle's PS in the face of death: "Remember, brothers and sisters, either we believe in eternal life or we don't."  Knowing her from her writing, I feel that this was not a strident demand for orthodoxy but rather a gracious and joyful expression of hope.

Rest in peace, Delle, and I can't wait to see what sorts of things you'll be getting up to in The Kingdom when we meet again.

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