12 July 2008

How to Comment / Blogging Policy

How to Comment

There are two ways to comment on my blog if you don't have a 'Blogger' account and don't want to have one.

1) The simplest way is to go to the bottom of a post and look for the link to 'Post a Comment'. You will be given a comment box where you can write your comment. Choosing 'Anonymous' is the most straightforward way to comment but you will need to type the letters of the 'Word Verification' in the box. This to to prevent automated SPAM commenting. I'd appreciate it if you felt able to use either your first name (e.g. 'Howard') or give yourself a pseudonym (e.g. 'Good Girl'); however, this is not mandatory.

2) Another way to comment without having a 'Blogger' account is to choose to post using a name or URL. Here you can give yourself a name: either a real name or a pseudonym.

My Policy on Commenting

1) First of all, I reserve the right to be the supreme judge and Grand Poobah when it comes to making decisions about removing posts. No point arguing with me. This is my blog and I reserve editorial rights.

2) That said, I will normally allow all comments that address the substance of an issue and which do not attack a person or persons.

3) I will not normally remove posts that disagree with my views but I reserve the right to decide what is and what is not a personal attack. I also reserve the right to make a judgement call about repetitive posts if a conversation is not advancing; there is a point beyond which I will lose patience with fisking and repetition.

4) I will normally not enable the comment approval function unless I plan on being away from my computer. Because I'm not particularly organised, I reserve the right to initiate the comment approval function without notice. Again, no point arguing with me; it's my blog.

5) All posts of an explicitly sexual or violent nature will be removed immediately and legal steps taken, where indicated.


Doorman-Priest said...

Has something triggered this?

PamBG said...

DP, nothing 'negative' if that's what you mean. A real life friend has said that he finds it difficult to understand how to post here without having a Blogger account. I figured I'd just set out 'where I'm coming from' as part of explaining how to post.

Fat Prophet said...

I was going to ask the same question as DP given that a blog I have only recently started looking at of another Methodist minister went to 'By Invitation Only' and I received an invitation but then next time I tried to access it Blogger said it had been removed. Glad to hear your notes were just to enable everyone to understand how your blog works - don't want you disappearing as well.

PamBG said...

FP, I have no intention of disappearing, so not to worry. I've not be blogging terribly long but I've been on internet discussion groups since 1999; the 'policy' is just from general experience over the last 9 years on the internet.

Sandalstraps said...

Good rules.

Jayne Webb said...

Pam I had no idea you were a blogger. Thank you for visiting my site. May I link yo on my site.

You clearly have a lot of experience at this, this is brilliant and something for me to aspire to.

Blessings, Jayne

PamBG said...

Jayne - Yes, please do feel free to link to my site.

Just be yourself whilst remembering that what is said on a blog is said in public. I look forward to reading your thoughts!