22 November 2006

What's Wrong with the Church?

Question: What's wrong with the Church?

The Right Answer™: Preachers and pastors are no longer preaching The Authentic Gospel.

Q: How can I know I'm preaching The Authentic Gospel?

TRA™: You will know if you are preaching the authentic gospel because people will start flocking to your congregation. All it takes is for the preacher to preach the True Word; if you do, God will bless your endeavours and people will come.

Is this just another version of "The reason you aren't being miraculously healed of your incurable disease is because you don't have enough faith"?


crystal said...

I have a feeling that those who preach the authentic gospel might actually find a decrease in attendance :-)

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

The authentic gospel. Would that be the same good news that got the "religious" folks uptight when Jesus preached it? Amazing how the right answer usually leaves something out.

PamBG said...

Yes indeed, that self-same gospel that got folks upset when Jesus preached it and lived it. crystal and "vic" may be on to something here.

But boy, don't we see a lot of this point of view around lately?

Sandalstraps said...

The short answer to your most excellent question:


Michael Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. said...

Yes, Pam, it is.