22 November 2006


First off, I just wanted to share this photo. Taken at 2:45 pm out my back window. This is what early winter in the UK looks like!
I remember, when I first came to Northern Europe in 1987 (I was in Belgium before coming to the UK), how shocked I was at the dark winter days. (If Lorna reads this, I know it's even darker in Finland!)
Secondly, I'd wanted to write a post about thankfulness, but I didn't really know what to write. I don't have any deep and meaningful words about thankfulness. I only know that recently - within the last nine months or so - God has, for some reason, given me the gift and grace of thankfulness and I find myself being thankful for so many things.
And then I realised that the fact that I have grown very attached to winter evenings in the UK is maybe a sign of that thankfulness. I'm also thankful for this view. Don't ask me why, but Wonderful Husband and I both just love it. It's ordinary, but there really is something wonderful about it.
I ramble. Just wanted to share that with anyone reading.

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seethroughfaith said...

It barely got light here at all today. Rained cats and dogs. Was + 6 C and ghastly. Roll on winter and sub zero temperatures, with snow which reflects what little light there is.

But the picture of England brought back many memories Pam .. and yes, even on our darkest of days, there is MUCH to be thankful for.