03 November 2006

Link: Reluctant Prophet

Velveteen Rabbi has a great reflection on Jonah entitled Reluctant Prophet.

She writes:
We never get to see Jonah transformed by his questioning, nor by God's response. Because this story is not about new insight, but about living in the struggle. In the daily frustrating grind of trying to come to terms with who we know ourselves to be, and who we're called to become. In the disjunction between the world as we yearn to see it, and the world as it is, and the role we don't want to have to play in bridging that chasm. The story ends on a rhetorical question; the answer is up to us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm delighted that it resonated for you. :-)

PamBG said...

I think you have a way with words!

I also think that being human and being a person of faith is about living in the uncertain places and I liked the way you expressed that. I suspect I'm also over-fond of the rebellious characters in scripture!

Sally said...

me too the more rebellious the better!!!

PamBG said...


That rebellious spirit resonates with me today, Sally!