22 March 2008

A Sonrise Story

I have just come across the sermon entitled A Sonrise Story by Paul J. Nuechterlein which does an excellent job of explaining how Girardian non-violence fits into the story of salvation.

Not a sermon I could preach to my congregations! Nevertheless, I think it explains some Girardian ideas in a more accessible way than either Girard himself or most Girardian theologians.

I particularly like the explaination of mimetic theory at the beginning of the sermon. Nuechterlein manages to explain mimesis in a way that I've been striving to do for awhile.


David said...

Why not preach it to your congreagations?

Don't underestimate yourself or your congregations.

I once did liberation theology at an all age worship service basing it on the many possible heumenutics around Mary's Song.

The children loved playing the roles of oppressed peasants overthrowing the rich and powerful, for which I found three pompous local preachers.

PamBG said...

I preach a lot of theology but I try to do it in a straight-forward way.

Explaining liberation theology by having the children overthrow the rich and powerful sounds like a good idea.

I meant that I wouldn't preach a sermon that was worded the way that the author did. It's still pretty dense even though he did a good job of explaining a key Girardian concept.

Sally said...

Thanks for the link Pam- like you I feel this is a pretty dense piece- thought provoking though