20 March 2008

Gorbachev a Christian

American Methodist minister and theologian Ben Witherington points to news published in The Telegraph yesterday that Mikhail Gorbachev admits he’s a Christian.

Good news, although possibly more amazing if you're one of those people who saw Soviet communism as a Satanic plot to destroy Christianity rather than as a failed social and economic experiment.


Doorman-Priest said...

Do you know, this doesn't surprise me at all. I felt the Holy Spirit to be powerfully at work during Mr. G's time in office.

PamBG said...

Now that you mention it, good point! It was an incredible time to watch history unfold.

Of course, the world has now simply exchanged one scapegoat for another.

Anonymous said...

I still believe Communism was a satanic plot that is why Gorbachav had to keep his Christian views hidden. If you read the entire article. The fact remains that Communism DID try very hard to keep Christianity "in check" and tried very hard to promote atheism. It was beyond just being a "failed economic system" like you portray. In fact they weren't made the "scapegoat" but was a legitimate concern toward the Soviets. Thank God for Reagan who had the guts to be the first President to say "tear down this wall". Also thank God for Gorbachav to see what is best for his country which was to do away totally Communism and all of its problems which include being atheistic. I'm also not surprised that Gorbachav possibly was a Christian. Many people become Christians in atheistic, Communistic, dictatorship regimes. dh

Anonymous said...

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