26 March 2008

The Importance of Context

Kathy over at Beyond Words gives a link to the entire context of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermon. The video clip is well worth listening to.

It's become very commonplace in our culture to quote people out of context in a way that casts them in the worst possible light. What bothers me terribly is that Christians apparently don't think that such selective quoting is a sin.

So it appears that Pastor Wright isn't actually preaching a message of hatred against America; not quite the picture that much of the media seems to want us to have.


Anonymous said...

To me it DOES seem that he has a maessage of hatred toward America. I have heard his sermon in its context and there is no excuse for the words he particularly seletced in his sermon. I'm sure I could use your same logic for Rev Hagee with regard to his entire sermon as well. It seems like a double standard on your part just because you have a predisposition for Obama. dh

PamBG said...

DH, you've made it clear over on Connexions that you think black theology is a message of hatred, so I certainly can't accuse you of inconsistency.