01 August 2009

M minus 6

Moving day minus 6. A quick post.

We're going up to visit with my husband's side of the family today: his sister, mother and brother will all be there. It's a day of visiting and saying good bye before going off to the US next Friday.

We had a bit of a surprise yesterday as the removal company rang to confirm that they are coming on Monday. Yikes! We thought they were coming on Wednesday! However, this is good because they are going to be doing all the packing and, rather than just packing on Wednesday, it turns out that they are packing Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday.

We were also able to go to a local car dealership yesterday and agree on a price for our two cars but they will let us bring them in on Friday morning just before we set off for Heathrow. This is convenient as this part of the world has very little public transport (buses tend to run once an hour), so life is a lot easier with a car, albeit not good for climate change! ;-) We a got a bit more for one car than we expected and a bit less for another so, all in all, we ended up getting about £100 more than we expected. (Should I be hoping that the chap from the dealership isn't reading this blog?)

Finally, it was a small farewell barbecue last night at my Superintendent's house for the Circuit Leadership team: the Circuit Stewards, treasurer and other ministers. In true British fashion, it was good and cold and rainy. I told all present that I'm looking forward to 6 weeks of guaranteed summer weather when I get to the States; it will be nice to have some temperatures over 60 degrees F!


Olive Morgan said...

6 days! I expect they will fly by much quicker than you expect - or want - so I hope you will be able to make the most of each day and not get too stressed. It seems strange to think that this time next week you will be living in the US! It has been good to meet you and especially on your Ordination Day, but I hope we will still be in touch via our blogs. May God bless you both in your new spheres.

David said...

I hope you continue blogging.

Fat Prophet said...

Well Pam it seems like no time at all since you announced you would be moving back to the USA and here we are just 6 days away.
I really do pray for God's blessing on your travels and on your new life in America and trust that there will indeed be a 'work for Jesus only you can do'.
I look forward to continuing to read your blog from America and hearing about what you are doing.
God speed and God Bless.

PamBG said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and, of course, I'll keep blogging.

Olive, it was lovely to share my Ordination day with you; glad we could be there together.

FP: all too short a time in the W&S District; I've really enjoyed my time here, I've been blessed and surprised. And yes, a number of people have been saying 'it seems like yesterday' and I feel the same way.

I do, however, now feel ready to move forward into the future. We'll see what surprises God has in store; good job he has a sense of humour!

Olive Morgan said...

That's what the Revd Amy said when she returned to the USA, but her last post is still dated April 29 - from Berkshire in England. So I hope that won't happen to you. Again, every blessing for 'God's surprises'.

PamBG said...

I guess that there are no guarantees, but it's certainly my intention.