05 August 2009

M minus 2

People keep asking me what I'm going to miss in the UK. Well, besides the people, I think the answer is 'Fish and Chips'. The movers have packed and wrapped everything and tomorrow the shipping container will arrive to be filled with our things. Here is a photo of my last authentic Fish and Chips meal for awhile. (This one is for my husband's former work colleague who photographs his meals!)


Richard Hall said...

They look good!

The last time I visited the US I went to Disney's EPCOT. They've got a faux chip shop there. I really enjoyed the Disney Parks - against my better judgement! - but these were the worst excuse for fish and chips I've ever had. It can't be that hard, can it?

Rev Paul Martin said...

Which reminds me I'm too late for our chippy.

You will have to share the delights of US food with us when settled.

Richard Hall said...

I'm in the happy position of having a manse directly opposite a very fine little chip shop. We only have a 'chip night' once a week, but I can always breath in the heady aromas!