16 January 2009

Science and Religion

My friend Tim at A Blog with No Name has written a post on the subject of Science and Religion.

Here is a teaser:
There is only one reality, whether you're looking at it through religious or scientific eyes. Science and religion both try to discover some truths about it. Truth can't contradict itself; so if they do discover truth, it must be consistent. It's no good to believe during the week that we evolved by natural selection, only to believe on Sundays that we were specially created out of the blue 6,000 years ago. Science and religion must both live in the same real world. Theology and science must both adapt in response to known evidence, as we make more sense of the world we are in. Otherwise we're disconnecting ourselves from the world and our beliefs are simply attractive ideas which have nothing to do with reality.

Do we want reality, or fantasy? I think that if we're basing our lives on it, we should go for reality. Or at least, the closest we can get to reality.


Tim J said...

Just dropping in to say thanks for quoting my post--and to let people know that it's now on my "new" blog Another blog without a name at the hideously long address http://timtfj.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/believing-in-god-and-in-science-some-beginnings/. (I didn't think of changing the URL until too late.)

Anyway thank you!

Tim J said...

And I got the name of my blog wrong in that comment. It's The other blog without a name.