10 January 2009

Reformation Polka

I've arrived at another place lately where words seem vain so here is a bit of humour out there for all you Lutherans, cradle Lutherans, ex Lutherans and those who just generally worship The Reformation.

Hat tip to Stephen at the appropriately-named blog Biblische Ausbildung.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

How many rhymes can there be for transubstantiation after all?

PamBG said...

Well, two at least.

I think I like the confluence of 'Justified by grace' and 'In your face' myself.

Rev Paul Martin said...

Absolutelye xcellent!

Unknown said...

I have already shared this! My fave is the "papal bull". Who THINKS of this stuff!

PamBG said...

Roderick_E. No. This blog is not advertising space.