15 January 2009

The Peace of the Lord Be With You

I'm still in a mood where I need humour. I'm not trying to have a pop at the Church of England, I'm really not. I first heard this song with reference to The Methodist Church, but the lyrics were quite similar. Hope you enjoy it.

And the peace of the Lord be always with you.


Fat Prophet said...

Interesting! and very funny although I have to say I know one or two Mrs Beamish's

PamBG said...

Ian, me too! As I said, I'd first heard it slightly rewritten for Methodism. I can't quite remember exactly how it had been 'Methodised' but most of the lyrics were the same. I think my favourite is 'Come too close in my direction, you'll NEED to believe in the resurrection.'

Olive Morgan said...

On Monday in our house group we were discussing the sharing of the peace and we talked of one or two Mrs. Beamishes but the point that came out strongest was that for quite a number of people the sharing of the peace is the only touch they will experience from week to week. So for them it is very important.

Olive Morgan said...

I see that Micky, newly returned to blogging has ocmmented on this on her blog http://sacredwells.blogspot.com

PamBG said...

Olive - It's so tricky, isn't it? I've got people who've said that to me too. In one of my churches, there is a lady who gets a hug after every service for that very reason and she told me 'It sets her up for the week'.

Other people have told me that they really dislike the peace. I wish there was a way that they could opt out gracefully, but I haven't thought of one. I did once set up a quiet space when we had group discussions for those people who don't like the discussions - which tend to be the same ones who don't like the peace! I wish I could think of something similar to do instead of the peace.

As it is, my compromise is that we don't do a 'group peace' that often and when we do, I tell people the the usual way to give the peace is by a short handshake and to be sensitive to the fact that some people may not want to be grabbed and hugged.

Anonymous said...

very funny :)

thanks Olive for sendingme over here for a laugh :)

one of the things we've been considering here is the spread of diseases like flu and how that is easy spread by the shaking of hands (here doctors no longer shake hands with patients)

my thought is that the peace could be done effectively by looking someone in the eye and sincerely wishing them God's peace or blessing - but there are those who really crave the human contact.

Maybe we need huggers :) as well as ushers