05 December 2008

Gassing Away

The price of Natural Gas is lower than it was a year ago.

Has anyone out there noticed their heating bills going down?


seethroughfaith said...


but I find it scary that fuel prices have dropped so much - and the prevalent attitude on blogs is 'phew we can drive more again ' .. come on folks it's a non-renewable natural resource.

Let's not drive without thinking!

PamBG said...

Lorna - Yes, petrol has dropped too and I agree with you about it being a non-renewable natural resource. If the gas companies were using the profits to plough them into renewable sources of energy, I'd not complain so much. Most of my congregations are on State pension and the £250 per annum subsidy given to senior citizens to heat their homes won't come anywhere near covering the extra cost.

In my defense, I only heat my house 8 hours a day and I'm sitting here in my office quite bundled up! I doubt the temperature in here would meet health and safety regulations if I worked outside the home.