06 December 2008

Archbishop Sentamu: Mugabe must go

The BBC reports that the Archbishop of York is calling for the overthrow of Robert Mugabe
Writing in the Observer newspaper, Dr John Sentamu called for Mr Mugabe and his allies to be overthrown so they can stand trial in The Hague.
Dr Semantu added: "The time to remove them from power has come."
Earlier, Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged the world to tell Mr Mugabe that "enough is enough" amid growing concern over the country's cholera outbreak.


Doorman-Priest said...

Good for him, but I doubt Mugabe cares about his opinion one jot.

Anonymous said...

WE can put pray that the person God wants to lead Zimbawe out of this mess will get his/her timing from God himself.

Some of us have been saying what +++sentamu said for what feels like forever.