15 December 2006

God of ALL Creation

Matt Stone writes a provocative post on his blog: How ‘Family Values’ Undermine the Lordship of Christ.

I especially agree with this statement:

This popular restriction of Christian ethical focus to family issues should be called out for what it is: a capitulation to consumerism and nationalism; a species of syncretism; an effective confession that Christ's sovereignty does not extend across all areas of life.
I want to be absolutely clear that I think that issues of personal morality are important for those who want to be disciples of Christ.

However, God is also extremely concerned with issues like the alleviation of poverty, stewardship of the environment and civil rights for all people.

To suggest that these social matters are purely secular ideologies and not the concern of Christianity is, in my opinion, a failure to truly understand that God's reign extends to every aspect of human life.

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