06 December 2006

Bibliography - Non-Violent Atonement

Buried deep in another thread, I promised to email someone a bibliography of works pertinent to the subject of non-violent atonement theories.

I thought I'd post the bibliography here for two reasons. First, so that it might be useful to others. Secondly, so that others can mention additional works.

Addendum on 7 December: I've decided to update the bibliography as suggestions are added to keep things neat. (Cue Dawn saying "How J") I've taken Michael's comments on board and started a new section entitled "General Resources on Atonement"


Bibliography – Non-Violent Atonement

Alison, James. 1998. The Joy of Being Wrong: original sin through Easter eyes. New York: Crossroad Publishing.

----- 2003. On Being Liked. London: Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.

----- 2006. Undergoing God: dispatches from the scene of a break-in. London: Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.

Fiddes, Paul. 1989. Past Event and Present Salvation: The Christian Idea of Atonement. London: Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.

Gorringe, Timothy. 1996. God's Just Vengeance: Crime, Violence and the Rhetoric of Salvation. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Green, Joel B. and Baker, Mark D. 2000. Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: atonement in New Testament and contemporary contexts. Downer’s Grove, Inter-Varsity Press.

Mann, Alan. 2005. Atonement for a 'Sinless' Society: engaging with an emerging culture. Milton Keynes. Paternoster.

Moltmann, J├╝rgen. 1993. The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ As the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology. Minneapolis. Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Soelle, Dorothee. 1967. Christ the Representative. London. SCM Press.

Sykes, Stephen. 1997. The Story of Atonement (Trinity and truth). London: Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.

Young, Frances M. 1983. Sacrifice and the Death of Christ. London, SCM Press.

Weaver, J. Denny. 2001. The Nonviolent Atonement. Cambridge. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

General Resources on Atonement

Aulen, GEH. 2003. Christus Victor: an historical study of the three main types of the idea of the atonement. Eugene: Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Gunton, Colin E. 2004. The Actuality of Atonement: a study of metaphor, rationality and the Christian tradition. London: T&T Clark.


Michael Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. said...

Aulen's book is good, but if it is nonviolent, it is so subtle I missed it. Fiddes' work is excellent. So is Denny Weaver's. I like Gunton, but didn't see the nonviolent dimensions there.

What of Moltmann's Crucified God? What of feminist views of the atonement like Dorothee Soelle's Christ the Representative??

I'm not familiar with the others on your list. Thanks for listing these so I can check them out. Keep it up, Pam!

PamBG said...

Michael, the Gunton and Aulen books are there to serve the purpose of providing an overview of different theories of atonement. (Maybe I should remove them from this bibliography)

Thanks for your additions. I'm not an expert in this subject by any means!

Sally said...

How about

Atonement for a sinless society- Alan Mann, (Authentic Media 2005)

PamBG said...

Thanks, sally. I'd seen the title of that book, but had never looked at it. I was worried it might be a book ranting about how people don't think they're sinners anymore.