20 October 2006

Link: Evil as Nothingness

Maggi Dawn's post on Evil as Nothingness is worth reading.

There is something about this definition of evil that gives a very rich meaning to the idea of God as Creator. The God who "fights" evil by being creative, by making something where there was nothing.


Anonymous said...

interesting thought ...

left you a (sort of) answer over at my place about teenagers.

Tell me Pam in your circuit are teenagers coming to church? How active are they? How do you (as a church - not you personally) relate to them?

PamBG said...

Lorna - very few children or teenagers coming to church. Especially not the latter. I do, however, have one church where there are 40 teenagers coming to a youth club that is completely "non-Christian" but run by church members. We all feel that God is slapping us in the face and asking us what we're going to do with them.