22 October 2006

Enneagram 9?

Dave Faulkner (Enneagram 5) hat tips Ian McKenzie (Enneagram 4) for the link to the Enneagram site. (Hey Dave, I was always told that "5s" don't usually reveal their score!)

I've always found the Enneagram a bit confusing and have generally found the
MBTI system to be more useful for my own purposes (I'm INFJ in case anyone's interested).

When taking the Enneagram tests, I've never really felt intuitively drawn to the type that was supposed to be my type (4). However, I think that there are things about my personality that have changed over the last couple of years, and so I changed a few of my answers to the "I have been..." questions. Thinking how "I have been" over the last two years rather than how I have been over the course of my adult life.

And the result is a score that seems much more intuitively correct. So I offer it's icon here. (N.b. responses warning me not to take these things too seriously aren't necessary.)

Enneagramfree enneagram test

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