29 April 2011

Saved by our ideas about Christ?

Excellent post by Craig Adams: Hopeful Inclusivism. Craig writes:

Think about it a minute. This means that no one can come to God the Father except through the grace & mediation of Christ. There is only one source of light and grace for all people. From Jesus’ perspective these words can be taken to mean: "there is no access to God except through my mediation."

Too many modern evangelicals have misunderstood it to mean: "there is no access to God except through consciousness of Christ." We know there is salvation in the name of Christ. How God will judge those outside of the faith is none of our business. Christ is the Way — not our experience of Christ.


Mendip Nomad said...

I'm preaching on "Christ, the gate of the sheepfold" (John 10:1-10) in a couple of week's time - plenty to ponder here in relation to that topic. (Will have current Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity in the congregation assessing me so it needs to be good!)

Craig L. Adams said...

Thanks, Pam.