21 March 2011

Jesus Hates Taxes

Jesus Hates Taxes With thanks to a Facebook Friend


Allan R. Bevere said...

The Westboro Pseudo-Baptists outside IRS headquarters? :-)

J A Y B said...

The Tea Party and other like minded Christians (Christ-less I'd say) are really a Pharisee modelled sect which could be termed "The Me Party".

Shame on them and their ignorant brothers and sisters. The New Testament is full of issues relating to treating others with respect and consideration with Jesus stating that taxes have to be paid. He did not go into a long rhetoric decrying it and saying it should not be so.

Mendip Nomad said...

As a fellow wit elsewhere commented: there's a typo, the 'e' and the 'a' in the last word are the wrong way round! Which, of course, isn't true: it's the Aggies, not the 'horns, that God doesn't like very much ;)