22 March 2011

I Got my Book Today!

I got Rob Bell's "Love Wins" today.

I promised my friend Allan R. Bevere that I would post a review of it over on his blog. I hope I stick to it and read the book soon. I'm a bit of a scatter-brain when it comes to books and I have about seven on the go at the moment.

Here's a paragraph from the introductory chapter which indicates what Bell himself thinks the book is about:
Of all the billions of people who ever lived, will only a select number "make it to a better place" and every single other person suffer in torment and punishment forever? Is this acceptable to God? Has God created millions of people over tens of thousands of years who are going to spend eternity in anguish? Can God do this or even allow this, and still claim to be a loving God?
I'm looking forward to reading the book.


Allan R. Bevere said...

I'm looking forward to that review!

Craig L. Adams said...

A person can easily read it in an evening. It's quite short.

PamBG said...

Yes it is short and so are my evenings! Trying at the moment to cope with some family stuff after work.

Christopher Gudger-Raines said...

Those are good introductory questions. I look forward to your review. But on your time, right?

PamBG said...

I've read through the first 2 chapters on "heaven" and "hell" and what's struck me so far is that I doubt that Bell set out to write a book whose primary purpose was to debunk hell.

The book is more like an extended sermon than an academic treatise, but I'm finding it very thought-provoking.

In terms of "heaven," he seems very much in the Tom Wright camp: the Life to Come is going to be very much like the life here and now but where there will be no more place for evil. One of the thoughts this chapter provoked in me was "What will I do in a life where there is no room for evil or illness or death?" Learn everything I possibly can, sing and maybe learn to dance and play the piano, I think. (I might even start learning to play the piano in this life.)

stf said...

review as you go along ... I can't wait :)