04 November 2010

Obama, a Socialist?

I thought my American friends might find this post by my friend Doorman Priest interesting:
Joke of the Day
The Democrats are to the Right of our Right wing Party, the Conservatives. Our Left Wing party, the Labour Party, is Socialist. To any American readers please be aware that European Socialism is not the same as Stalin's Gulags or Kim Il Jong's worker's paradise. Some of you would get along just fine here: democracy, free press, a fairly civilised political landscape ... oh no, not that last one: you wouldn't recognise that. And we tend to lock up dangerous people rather than giving them talk shows to host. Just saying.

I become mildly offended when some folk insist on discussing Socialism as if it's symbol is 666. Really people, think before you speak!

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Anonymous said...

I got dragged into the socialist debate a couple of times, in particular over health care. I simply said that there are good and bad parts of both systems, but having two children born on 'socialised medicine' I don't have many complaints and I refused to be a part of any discussion that demonised it.

I doubt you will ever convince many Americans that socialism is not equated with the gulags or Jong.