01 February 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine

What a brilliant way to protest a Westboro Baptist Church protest: San Franciso's Answer to Westboro Baptist Church.

God created humor. Humor is healing. I was promised donuts.


J A Y B said...

Hi Pam, hope all is well with you in the USA ad you are settled.

I know i'm a few months late with the comments, but I thought this was brilliant.

PamBG said...

Yes, this is wonderful, isn't it?

Things are progressing a bit slowly here in the US but at least they're progressing.

It's very strange. Although my family is from this general area, the particular community that we moved to is one where my parents didn't really have any ties before they moved 3 years ago (which was part of the reason we felt that we needed to come). So, in many ways it's like moving to a foreign country and you really do have to start from scratch. We also didn't have the security of it being a job-move, so there wasn't even that and things have been difficult - especially trying to get decent enough jobs to pay the bills.

I think that we're slowly progressing, though and hopefully things will get better! I don't recommend moving country, to an impoverished area when you're over 50 and don't have a job to go to. It's not the most practical thing we ever did!