12 September 2008

Non-Apocalyptic Science

A 'real life' friend of mine has posted on the subject of Why the Large Hadron Collider won't destroy the world.

He has tried to write for the general public so that even people like me will understand the article. And I think I pretty much did understand.

As he says in his post, my friend is upset by the news coverage suggesting that the LHC will destroy the world. He says that there is as much chance of that happening as of falling off the edge of the world if you sail to the horizon.

And for those of you who keep lists of Methodist bloggers, my friend is a Local Preacher although I suspect that most of his posts won't be theological.


Bad Alice said...

Hmm. I must admit that I've never heard of the Large Hadron Collider or been aware that anyone was worried about it. That's kind of nice-anxiety that I had no part in at all!

PamBG said...

Bad Alice - There had been some suggestions of the LHC destroying the world by sucking us all into a black hole that it would allegedly create. Apparently, the press in India went mad on the subject of the destruction of the world and a child in India took her own life, apparently out of fear.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same camp as Alice until the actual morning of. April told me they were turning on a machine that the news was saying could blow up the world. I made a concerted effort to fix my coffee anyway and still think about my service on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

OK folks - it was Me Wot Wrote It. Pam, thanks for the plug!

In Britain it's been all over the news all week, with people going round making jokes about the end of the world but then looking worried as though only half-joking. Repeated statements in the news that "this machine recreates the conditions of the Big Bang" haven't exactly helped.

It was learning about science that convinced me of God's existence, so I get quite passionate about it.

PamBG said...

Hi Tim and welcome. First time commenting, I think?

Anonymous said...

Yes, first comment. And I couldn't get Blogger to recognise me, but never mind. (I'd set up a Google account in order to comment on someone else's blog a week or so ago, but the login seems very unreliable.)