20 August 2008

Durham Cathedral Bookshop

Phil Broom Groom has initiated a petition to the authorities of Durham Cathedral to take control of the Cathedral bookshop, currently being run by SSG.  I could not make a direct link to the petition, but it can be found here: 

Once there are 50 signatories, Phil is going to forward the petition to the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral.

You may be interested in signing the petition and passing the word along.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam - thanks for this: much appreciated. A tiny correction, if I may: my name is Phil Groom, not Broom... although the idea of being a Broom does have a certain appeal. I may not be a 'new' broom but I do wish to sweep clean.

Here's a link to the petition and some background.

Thanks again and every blessing,


PamBG said...

Phil - I apologise profusely for getting your name wrong!

Anonymous said...

PS: Sorry, should have said: we're now at 163 signatures. I'm re-presenting the petition to the Dean and Chapter each time we hit a multiple of 50, so that's three times now.

Still awaiting a response, but was pleased to see the story picked up by The Bookseller this week.

Anonymous said...

Just cross-posted: no worries on the name: I rather like it :-)