06 April 2008

Thinking Faith

The British Provence of The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) has launched a new website entitled Thinking Faith.

Those who know me in person know that I originally studied theology at a Jesuit university in the States during the 1970s. I'm indebted to my university experience for showing me that it is possible to be both a Christian and a thinking person.

I'm particularly indebted to Jesuits at my university for introducing me to Ignatian prayer. I belong to the Christian Life Community which is a community dedicated to praying and sharing prayer in an Ignatian format.

The Society of Jesus is dedicated to 'thinking' as well as to prayer, hence a 'Thinking Faith' website is well within their tradition (although I think they might need someone who knows just a little bit more about formatting web-space). Historically, Jesuits have been committed to prayer, to social justice and to education.

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