21 February 2008

Too Compassionate?

Many people get the message, one way or another, that God is both angry and vindictive and that one of the things he gets angry at is wishy-washy Christians who don't lay down the law and demand that others are scrupulous in their obedience to God.

I found this post by Rev J extremely helpful. (Hat tip to John at Come to the Waters)
Another thing my mentor said that will stick with me forever is that he has seen nothing in the Bible about people getting into trouble for having too much compassion. He said, “When I die and I meet Jesus I can see him upset that I judged too much but I cannot envision him telling me he is angry because I had too much compassion.”


Anonymous said...

We don't have enough compassion in the Body of Christ and so we don't see "us" being very compassionate to people who are not Christians.

Sharing the Gospel should be done with compassion and teaching discipleship should be done with compassion.

I find that most people desire love, acceptance, validation and compassion. All those things and more are found in Christ. We are to be the lights that house His love and compassion and then pour it out to others.

Bless you.

PamBG said...

Lisa, welcome to my blog and thank you for your encouraging comments and blessings. :-)