10 September 2007

A Sermon and a Story

I've posted this week's sermon on my sermon blog: Take Up Your Cross

This was another difficult Gospel reading and, I think, a good argument for preaching from the lectionary. I'm not sure whether Luke 14:25-33 would have been my own choice of a text to preach on!

I've also posted a story I wrote based on Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 entitled
The Magical Seed Bush.


Sally said...

it is good to have to grapple with the uncomfortable stuff isn't it? I wonder what we would reduce the Bible to given half a chance???

PamBG said...

There are a number of emotionally vulnerable people in this congregation; I always worry about people hearing the 'wrong' thing when these passages come up.

crystal said...

I am so much the person who wants the magical God - :-(