23 June 2007

Peace Blogger Interview

Michael Westmoreland-White is the founder of the Peace Blogger webring and he has been interviewing members of the ring.

He has just published a
Peace Blogger Interview with yours truly.


Rev Paul Martin said...

Pam, I feel I know you much better having read that interview. It spoke much of your particular journey as a Christian but perhpas more importantly of your relating faith to big issues.

It really is true that there are different Christianities. You have more experience of that than most of us.

PamBG said...

Er, thanks, TC.

Yes, there certainly are 'different Christianities'!

To paraphrase some dialogue from Fiddler on the Roof: May God bless and keep some of them....far away from me.

Rev Paul Martin said...

You ain't getting at my friends from God TV I hope?

Haven't watched them now for 3 months. As they say at AA, one day at a time!

PamBG said...

Haven't watched them now for 3 months.

Well done! :-)

Not getting at anyone. Just prefer not to have to deal with suchlike!

Anonymous said...

Pam, thanks for the interview. People tell me that they love reading this series, but so very few actually leave comments that it can be hard to tell. I will try to leave it on top for a few days to give more chances for people to read it.

PamBG said...

Thanks, Michael. I think that most people prefer to lurk. We're the verbose lot! ;-)

Sally said...

great interview Pam :-)