06 September 2006

You Could Say That

There are things that people who are considered to be "sound" can say which us liberals - moderate or otherwise - can't get away with saying. Or at least we can't get away with people listening terribly closely.

The post by Ben Witherington entitled
What is the Character of God? is a good example. It's a great piece of Methodist theology and offers a good corrective to the sort of the theology that has God planning natural disasters, famine, drought and war and then demands that Christians name these things as "good" because God allegedly pre-destined them to happen.

Ben has used the "N-word" - narcissist - a word with which I am in wholehearted agreement. To suggest that God's primary focus is self-aggrandizement or self-praise is to totally misunderstand the concept of God's glory.

Anyway, go read Ben's article. He's a conservative and a man, so I rest under the cover of his authority. ;-)

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Sally said...

Very coy Pam- resting under Bens authority... it was a good post tho- thanks for the link