27 June 2006

What's Wrong with The Great Commandment?

I stand accused of believing that we are commanded to love God and love our neighbour. Those commandents of which Jesus said 'On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.' (Matthew 22:40, KJV)

These very negative sentiments about The Great Commandment are sentiments that I have heard quite a few times before.
whatever goes, just Love God and love each other and you will be ok
And I'd like to know what is wrong with The Great Commandment? Why does believing that The Great Commandment is at the core of the Christian message imply 'whatever goes' or 'anything goes'?

Why do people diss The Great Commandment? Why do people think that behaving with Christ-like love is easy?


Anonymous said...

i dont think anyone is accusing you of being wrong in the great commandment of loving God and loving others, the funny thing is that words and many times reaction are rarely filled with the great commandment that you are speaking of.
i find it somewhat ridiculous how many will speak of how great God's love is and how amazing it is that we are able to obtain this love by doing absolutley nothing, and then in return we speak harsh words and represent nothing more than a prideful attitude.
loving others is a full command in itself, meaning to love not only those that love you back but even harder to love those that you can't stand, and that means face to face, on the computer, to your brothers to your sisters.

so i don't really find that you have been accused of anything, just more misunderstood. the great commandment like you said is at the heart and is the foundation of our desire for a lost world to be redeemed by our Lord and Savior. Because of His love we love.

I highly doubt attacking those is anywhere in the mix of what God meant for us, even as Christians to abide by. When he says to love, its to love all, and to even react in love when someone disagrees.

Mathew Sims said...

I would agree. Great posts. When God says on these hangs everything, He means everything. If you obey these two, you have got the picture.

By the practical ways you demonstrate love for God and your neighbor you could obey Scripture on every point.

Mathew Sims
Soli Deo Gloria

PamBG said...

Thanks for your comments, Matthew.

By the way, I hope you see this (could you let me know if you do?)

I'm not visiting your blog anymore because my computer (a 3-year Dell running on XP) can't handle the size of your blog; it just freezes my computer when I try to visit.

You may or may not want to do anything about this but I suspect I'm probably not the only one.

That's just 'FYI' really.