14 June 2006

The Convent

The BBC series The Convent begins tonight on BBC 2 at 9pm. Since I'm at college, my husband will be recording it for me and I look forward to watching it on the weekend.

If this series is anywhere near as good as
The Monastery, it will be well worth watching. (I missed the recent show, 'The Monastery Revisited' and would appreciate hearing comments on it if anyone saw it.)

I have long thought that the traditional Christian prayer disciplines of contemplation and mediation could potentially be helpful to spiritual seekers in helping them to connect with God. I felt that 'The Monastery' validated my suspicion and it will be interesting to see if 'The Convent' validates it or not.


DaveW said...

Pam, I was out and the recording was forgotten. Any chance of borrowing your tape when I see you on Monday?


PamBG said...

Dave, Trevor will have recorded it on DVD. He's the audio-visual guru in our house. I think we can record to either tape or DVD. Do you have a preference? Could you use a DVD if we can't copy to tape?

DaveW said...


DVD is fantastic if possible. We can use either.

Actually I have just found I can watch the show online at


But it is a small picture.

PamBG said...

Dave, I've put it on my to do list and will hopefully bring you a DVD when I come.

PamBG said...

Dave - DVD is made and in my 'Cambridge suitcase'. Very moving but I need to process it. See you Monday.