16 June 2006

Fallen in Love?

Just a thought-experiment here as a result of both on-line and "real life" discussions recently.

What if we asked the question: "Have you fallen in love with God?" instead of "Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour?"

Sometimes I think that Christianity has been reduced by some to "salvation by doctrine". It's been reduced to holding the "right" ideas about bodily resurrection, theories of atonement, creation, whatever.

But I don't think 'right doctrine' is the essence of what Christian belief is about.

'Belief in God', in Christian terms, isn't about holding the right ideas about God (as if we could). Christian belief is about falling in love with God so that one trusts God completely - with all of one's being.

Metaphorically, it's the sort of belief that one has when one throws oneself off a precipice into the arms of one's beloved, knowing that the beloved will catch them. It's not about reciting physics formulas to prove that one's beloved is strong enough to catch one.


Scog Blog said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Sally said...

Pam that is an amazing question- it is asking about relationsip and response.
I often wonder is we are simply asking people to sign up to a list of doctrinal does and don'ts when we want to know if they have accepted Jesus as Saviour.
You have me thinking now.
And now I have a few free weeks to read what I want- all assignments in!

PamBG said...

Sally - all my assignments are in now too - hurrah! I'm fairly happy with my marks too, although the big ones - the MA papers - won't be out until the beginning of July.

see-through faith said...

loved this Pam. And Congrats that the studies are almost over and with good grades too :)

Sally said...

well done Pam- along wait isn't it ERMC's results aren't out til August!!!