16 June 2006

The Convent - Episode 1

There seem to be mixed opinions over on Ship of Fools, but for my money, the first Episode of 'The Convent' was every bit as good as 'The Monastery'.

In the past, I've had the privilege to be a 'prayer companion' and the most marvelous thing about being a prayer companion is that you can actually see God working in people's lives. I think these shows come about as close to that experience as one could do in the context of mass media.

I was impressed by the love and patience that the nuns showed to the guests. And even though some of the guests were having a hard time with the community's discipline, I felt that they did seemed to be trying to engage with the prayer disciplines and with God. All the guests seem to have some fairly substantial issues to deal with.

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Sally said...

just watched episode 2- powerful stuff.