22 June 2006

College is Over

College finished yesterday - Wednesday the 21st.

It's been a whirlwind of a year. Some of us had papers due right up to Friday the 16th. Monday the 19th was a full day with our last seminar in the morning and then a trip for the leavers and probationer ministers (Hi Dave!) to a funeral director and a cremetorium in the afternoon. That was interesting and very helpful to have an idea of what others do with respect to 'the funeral process'.

Then, on Tuesday, I attended a funeral that was taken by a colleague's husband who is an Anglican curate. Being half Italian-American (and that half of the family being by far the largest in number) the vast majority of my experience has been of Italian-American funerals and funeral Masses. Not very helpful for a UK Methodist minister! I wanted to see a 'typical British funeral'. Although I understand that funerals vary quite a lot around the country, I suspect Tuesday's funeral was as close as I'll get to one!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was mainly filled with eating together, packing up my room and saying good bye. I found it difficult to say good bye because I felt I'd not really had time to get my head around the fact that I was leaving.

I'm looking forward to moving and to going into Circuit, but even if you're looking forward to where you're going, it can still be difficult to leave good friends behind. I do believe, however, that being able to say good-bye is part of what it means to follow God's call into the future and into the unknown.

May God bless all in ministry, especially those taking up new postings in the next few months.


Lorna said...

Blessings :)

PamBG said...

Thanks, Lorna, and blessings to you too!

Sally said...

Hope all goes well with the move Pam- praying for yuo as you move into Circuit ministry.
It occurs to me what a priviliged position I have being a member of staff in a Circuit means I am getting on the job training so things like funerals are run of the mill stuff.
May God bless and keep you as you move into a new phase in life.

PamBG said...

Sally, thanks very much for your prayers.

It's interesting. There were a number of people at college with your experience of ministry and a number as clueless as I am.

My reaction to the two 'funeral days' was quite different than I expected. I expected to feel slightly 'down' and 'subdued'. Instead, I came away feeling like I really understood what people mean when they say that funerals are an important part of their ministry. It seems like perhaps the most important ministry to those who are outside the church.

Sally said...

Pam I don't think anyone can call you clueless! I am glad you found the funerals to be positive experiences, that is certainly my experience.