06 July 2006

Women's Service in the New Covenant

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of hearing Mimi Haddad speak on Galatians 3:28: Women's Service in the New Covenant & Bible Translation. Mimi is the President of Christians for Biblical Equality.

Mimi's a really gifted speaker and, as an historian, she offered some very interesting perspectives on Paul and the early church. She has a talent for being able to explain quite complicated subject matter in every-day language.

And now a confession. I've been on CBE's email list for about five years. A few weeks ago, I probably would have ignored the email, but recent blogging about how the bible does not permit women to hold leadership roles in the church woke me up to this issue again. After the seminar, I had a chance to speak briefly with Mimi and I promised her I would join CBE; so if you're reading, Mimi, my subscription has already been sent.

If you have a chance to hear Mimi speak, go. She's an interesting and engaging speaker. And I have the feeling that she's used to audiences that are a bit more hostile than me and thirty Salvation Army officers of the 'female persuasion'.

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