31 July 2006

Man-Talk / Woman-Talk

And now for something completely (I hope!) trivial...

We're moving house next week and I went into town today to have a good-bye lunch with some of my former colleagues from work. There were ten of us and we tried not to sit with the men at one end of the table and the women at the other end of the table but that's how it worked out anyway. I was sitting the middle and so had the men to my left and the women to my right and could hear both conversations.

At one point, the conversation stopped and someone remarked that the women and men had each been having their own conversation. What were the men talking about? Pregnancy, the language development of two-year olds and the impossibility of teenagers. What were the women talking about? Hardware stores and where was the best place to buy electrical fixtures. True; I heard both sides of the conversation.

Who says that there is no such thing as natural gender difference? ;-)

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Turbulent Cleric said...

Best wishes for your move. I hope that you find all the support you need in the Circuit you have been called to.

I would have loved to join debate at Connexions where your contributions have been excellent but my postings tend to evaporate there. I think extra memory on my computer may help power things better.