11 July 2006

Be Careful What you Preach

They say that every preacher has a handful of sermons. I hope that I have more than a handful, but I know that "peace" and "unconditional forgiveness" are two of the topics I tend to bang on about. I happen to think that there is something holy about being able to agree to disagree and that there is something holy about being able to forgive.

So now, I'm caught by my own words. I can't go into much detail at all but I have spent a goodly number of hours in the last 24 being quite seriously angry. Being a passionate sort of person, I think I need to let my feelings die down a bit. I can't see past them at the moment. I don't want to hurt anyone else, but if I could get my way, I'd dearly love to feel heard even though I know that ain't gonna happen.

So I guess the first part of the journey is to calm down and remind myself of the truly important things in life. I am alive and healthy; I have a husband who I adore who is alive and healthy and good friends. I am trying to serve God to the best of my ability. Those are the important things and they'll have to do for now.

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