06 July 2006

Preaching Peace

For those of you who are familiar with the Preaching Peace website, they have also now started a blog at: Preaching Peace.Blogs.

While I'm writing about the general subject area, other helpful websites of the same genre include:
Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary and the James Alison website.


RC said...

tell us more about preaching peace...it sounds interesting.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

PamBG said...

RC, last time I linked to Preaching Peace (on a discussion group), Michael and Jeff showed up to say hello, so maybe they might do now.

Here is a link to their "Who we are" page: www.preachingpeace.org/whoarewe.htm (The comments part of blogger doesn't allow HTML links - bother!)

Basically, they give weekly commentaries on the Revised Common Lectionary using Rene Girard's anthropology as a hermeneutical lens.

I don't always use a Girardian lens in its totality for every sermon I preach, but I always find it a helpful perspective to view. For me personally, Girard's anthropology makes a lot of sense and I find that theology done through this lens gives coherency to scripture and tradition in a way that I had not previously known.

I'm happy to elaborate further but here is a collection of links on Girard: http://theol.uibk.ac.at/cover/links/

I'm relatively new to Girard and haven't yet reached a place where I can articulate his ideas simply and succinctly.

Sally said...

Pam I have followed your links and comments- thank you for this... I need more time to read!!!

Milton Stanley said...

Thanks much for these links. I blogged about the Preaching Peace website several months ago, but I wasn't aware they had a blog. Glad to find it. Peace.