14 January 2008

Who Said Communication is Easy?

After the UK Methodists Bloggers Meeting, I arrived home to find another wonderful cartoon by Dave Walker showing the heady and united world of Anglican blogging:

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

So, I'm thinking to myself: 'Wonderful Husband draws great cartoons. Maybe he can do a cartoon for the Methodist Bloggers!'

And then the following conversation ensued (or I thought it did anyway):

PBG: Could you draw a cartoon depicting Methodist Bloggers?

WH: Sure, what would it look like?

PBG: Here's a funny cartoon Dave Walker did, but Methodists don't wear long robes.

WH: Well, how would we identify Methodist bloggers then?

PBG: I think maybe they might have a hymn book in one hand and a computer in another.

WH: OK, I'll work on it.

Here we have the outcome:

PBG: What's this, then?

WH: You said you wanted hymn books connected by wires.

Who Said Communication is Easy?


Anonymous said...

A lovely insight into a minister's home life. :)

PamBG said...


.........yes, dear.......

(I should note that Wonderful Husband has seen this and he is amused)

Olive Morgan said...

I like it! After all, Methoism was born in song and we bloggers are held together on line!

Sally said...

love it!!!