13 January 2008

For the Record

Methodist Preacher has stated that he's ’tried hard to reason with me but to no avail’.

As he's deleted my posts, this could certainly leave the impression that I've been truly foul.

Therefore, this post is simply to note that I have the text of the conversation that he's deleted and that I will be saving it in the event of being charged with unbecoming conduct or language.


Richard Hall said...

You shouldn't use all those cuss words Pam. One day it will get you in trouble. ;o)

PamBG said...


Paul Martin said...

I saw much of the debate. I don't think there's anything you can be got on Pam.

I was very much an interested reader on the debate and surprised at how it has ended.

Olive Morgan said...

I keep wondering whether this debate (and others initiated by methodist Preacher since then) would have been different if he had been able to spend the whole of the Friday of our bloggers' meeting in prayer and discussion with us, instead of putting in a brief appearance on the Saturday. I like to think that it would. I felt that the rest of us understood each other better and were drawn together in a special way.

PamBG said...

Yes, I agree Olive.

Sometimes communicating by written word without knowing someone can be difficult. I feel that it's time to give up trying, though, because all I seem to do is dig myself into a deeper hole.