05 January 2008

UK Methodist Bloggers' Meeting

I arrived home from the UK Methodist Bloggers’ Meeting to find that I had no internet connection (or should that be 'connexion'?). Ironic, innint?

We covered a number of topics but, for me, the most important thing about the meeting was actually meeting a number of people face-to-face. I already knew Dave of
of ‘42’ fame from theology college, but I'd never met any of the other bloggers. I think meeting people face-to-face can be really important. It's how we remember that we are dealing with real people and not just with 'them out there'.

During the course of the meeting, we talked about whether we were 'Methodist bloggers' or 'bloggers who happen to be Methodist.' I think I prefer the latter category. There are a number of thoughts I have on this:

1) Whilst I certainly do not want to bring the Methodist Church into disrepute, I also do not want to blog 'officially' for the Methodist Church (not that I could do anyway). My disclaimer makes that clear.

2) Whilst I see blogging as a recreational activity, I am also aware that it's a public thing. Someone I know refers to this as 'my journal'; it's not my journal as there are things I'd not write here because of it being public space.

Anyway, I think that 'a good time was had by all'.


Richard Hall said...

A very good time was had by all -- I was glad to meet you. Enjoy your Sunday!

PamBG said...

It was good to meet you too and I really appreciated the way you led the communion service. As someone who (sorry) does like written liturgy, I don't think anyone needs to apologise for extempore services. At least not if they are going to do them as well as you did.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives off in the hinderlands of Canada;^) my opportunity to meet fellow bloggers doesn't happen often.

I remain surprised at the commradary. It has been great to read your shared experiences.
Blog on!

Bene D

Olive Morgan said...

Now that i am back home (after visiting a friend of 30 years ago in Cheshire), I too want to say how much I enjoyed meeting you - and the two days amongst Methodist bloggers.

I agree with you, Pam, that I wouldn't like to be officially blogging on behalf of the Methodist Church, though it is my joy to draw attention it whenever possible. So I remain a Methodist who happens to be a blogger - with the responsibility to carry my calling (printed on my membership card) to be a good neighbour, challenge injustice and use my resources to support the church in its mission in the world.

I will hope to meet you again, if I go to Conference in July.

PamBG said...

Thank you, Olive. It was a pleasure to meet you too and you're an inspiration and a role model. :-)

I certainly hope we'll meet at conference; I expect it's a rather large event, but I'll look out for you. I do plan to stay for the rest of conference after ordination.